Environmental company guidelines

Teilnehmer Ökoprofit-Klub
Überprüfungsaudit ISO 50001:
13. März 2015

The company philosophy of Augustiner Bräu Wagner KG is based on three main pillars: quality, tradition and regionality. For each of these business objectives, environmental awareness is a crucial factor.

Consumption of Resources
We handle all resources sparingly and carefully and ask the same of our business partners. We always check for economically viable usages of the best available technology in order to protect the environment.

Compliance with Legal Regulations
We consider legal requirements and regulatory guidelines in all areas of our company as mere minimum standards to build upon.

Continuous Improvement
All our operational measures share one common denominator: To generally improve our energy efficiency and consumption for the protection of the environment. Even existing processes and systems are regularly reassessed in order to determine potential for improvement, which is then taken into account for any further planning. The availability of the necessary means, such as information and personnel as well as financial resources, is of course ensured.

Employee Development
As a crucial part of the education and training of our employees, we commit to promoting environmental awareness and to encouraging employees to act consciously.

Citizen Participation / Active Public Relations
Our lively relationship with the city and state authorities helps us to avoid or at least minimize our environmental impact.

The application of environmental standards, especially with regard to an economical use of resources and the prevention of emissions and waste of all kinds, is crucial to our assessment and selection of suppliers. In addition, we also pay attention to improvements of our energy efficiency and consumption directly while purchasing related products and services.

We regularly control our energy and environmentally relevant consumptions to reach or surpass our self-imposed goals. Through ongoing control of our processes, we try to achieve and continuously improve on our goals in terms of energy efficiency, energy consumption and environment protection.