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Welcome to Augustiner Bräu Wagner KG, Munich's oldest private brewery. We stand for excellent beer, for customs and Munich beer culture. Augustiner beer is as much a part of Munich as the Frauenkirche, the Isar and the Wiesn. The people of Munich have been drinking our Augustiner beer for almost 700 years. Brewing them a beer of special quality is our concern and our mission. To achieve this, we use only the best natural raw materials from the region. We obtain our brewing water from our own well at a depth of 230 meters. We produce our own malt in our historic barn malt house on the brewery premises.

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We attach the greatest importance to the Helle in the traditional wooden barrel - the oldest reusable container in the world. We preserve traditions and Munich customs while keeping up with the times. Thus, we use the best available technology wherever it serves the quality of our beer, our workforce or the protection of our Bavarian homeland. Our pubs and beer gardens stand for Munich hospitality, conviviality and coziness. Over the past seven centuries, our Augustiner beer has become a piece of Munich culture. We belong to Munich. This is where we are at home.


In 1328, the Augustinian monks began brewing beer in their Augustinian monastery near Munich Cathedral. For almost 500 years, the friars brewed their Augustinian beer directly in the monastery and sold it in the monastery tavern. In 1803, the state took over the Augustinian monastery in the course of secularization and the brewery was privatized. Anton Wagner, a brewer from Freising, took over the business in 1829, and it has existed as a middle-class private brewery ever since. His son Josef Wagner had a modern new building constructed on what was then the outskirts of the city in Landsberger Strasse, to which the brewery moved in 1885.

Here we brew our Augustiner beer to this day. Our brewery building was severely damaged during the Second World War and rebuilt according to the old model. Today, the facade of the elongated red brick building is a listed building. During its almost 700-year history, the Augustiner Brewery has experienced many expansions and innovations - while always maintaining its corporate philosophy: We are concerned with the outstanding quality of our beer, with tradition and with our Munich roots.

Edith Haberland Wagner Foundation

The first sip of Augustiner beer - a benefit. The second - a charity... More than half of the proceeds from the Augustiner brewery go to the charitable commitment of the Edith Haberland Wagner Foundation. It has been the majority owner of Augustiner-Bräu Wagner KG since 1996. The founder and name giver was Edith Haberland-Wagner (1899 - 1996). As a descendant of the Wagner brewing family, she inherited the majority of the Augustiner Brewery in 1981. Edith Haberland-Wagner took her responsibility to the Augustiner Brewery and the workforce very seriously. The foundation she established guarantees the preservation of Augustiner-Bräu Wagner KG as Munich's last large private brewery.

In addition, good is given back to society through charitable activities. These include the cultivation of customs and tradition, monument protection, the preservation of the environment and landscape, and charitable purposes that directly serve the selfless support of people.

The first board member of the foundation is Augustinian shareholder Catherine Demeter. With her, responsibility is once again in the hands of a descendant of the founding family and the history of women in leading positions for Augustinians continues.