Tafernwirtschaft-Hotel Schönbrunn

Schönbrunn 1 | 84036 Landshut
Phone: 0871 - 95220 | Fax: 0871 - 9522 222

Opening hours:
daily 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Hot food:
11:30 AM - 09:30 PM

Tafernwirtschaft-Hotel Schönbrunn Tafernwirtschaft-Hotel Schönbrunn

The "Tafernwirtschaft-Hotel Schönbrunn" is situated in the immediate vicinity of Landshut's Exhibition Center. A wide array of typical Bavarian delicacies awaits you in this traditional restaurant's many rooms. The pleasant atmosphere of this local attracts customers of every age. We also have plenty of space for business and family events alike. Particularly our newly restored barn offers a special ambiance for celebrations. A genuinely Bavarian "Biergarten" awaits during the summertime.

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